(Sponsored by: Janasheba Foundation)

Proposed: Dr. Nurul Islam Memorial Institute of Applied Health Sciences (DNIMIAHS)


1) To recognize the changing and transforming construction of mankind and participate in augmenting its positive aspects.
2) To accept and cultivate development as the exercise of freedom.
3) To free the mind from straitjackets and equip it with the basic tools for negotiating and exploring the uncharted world.
4) To guide in seeing existence and life is precious seasons of possibilities.
5) To empower, to liberate, and to catapult the learners into the virgin future to win fortune by endeavor and enterprise.
6) To relieve education process form pedagogy and base it on accepting youthful learners as sovereign, moving and universal agents of change and development.
7) To harness knowledge with wisdom endorsing the truth that man makes himself and he is responsible for himself.
8) To impart, inculcate, expand and develop scientific disciplines as tools and regulators for a free and productive life.
9) To endeavor to establish enlightenment as the center of the universal human society.
10) To treat a learner as the citizen of the globe and negate boundaries that separate societies straitening the free flow and flourish of human resources.
11) To encourage investigative attitude of mind that can master and employ the powers of nature to enrich human existence.
12) To generate consciousness in the learners of the emergent morality and social justice that can match a world not necessarily dependent on olden foundations and being founded on unique fundamentals.
13) To enable the learners to read the transforming face of the globe, beautified and ennobled by knowledge engendered wealth, as the façade of an organized, radiant and mighty human reality, created by the supremacy of industries intelligence.
14) To generate an aptitude for inclusion, acceptance, tolerance and expansion in germinating minds.
15) To prepare for a life of dynamism, openness, negotiation and consortium on which scientific and social progress and dependent.


1. To connect the youth of Bangladesh with the youth of South Asia, Asia and beyond.
2. To participate in nation-building by advancing the forces of free thought, inspiring education, inclusive values, lively morality, creative enterprise and indomitable venture.
3. To expand supremacy of science and technology as the appropriate framework for day-to-day life.
4. To eradicate poverty through deepened sense of human dignity, to establish social justice with heightened moral sensibilities, to focus on generation of elevating wealth sunning wasteful extravagance.
5. To contribute in the emergence of mankind as a signal race capable to self-determination in a direction, rational and progressive.
6. To coalesce the peoples of South Asia and lead then to take liberty in their inexhaustible diversity.
7. To underscore the numberless faces of South Asian reality, help recognize those as a sources of power and energy, give birth to a colorful totality, dynamic and self-propelling: an original chapter in the growing annals of modern man.
8. To integrate the academy with the corporate world as a component, thus totalizing both into a corporation of intelligence.
9. To translate investment in education into investment in freedom, empowerment and prosperity.
10. To promote a moderation that presides over boundless power and resources resulting from creativity, action and organization.
11. To develop a code of conduct that protects from falling into pitfalls of impatience, wrath and violence.
12. To serve a South Asia developed by accentuating idiosyncratic potentials and imbibing the global forces of neo-construction collaterally.
13. To learn to treat and utilize resources as factors of progress and sustained development.